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Baltimore, MD

Cat and Milk Studio: artwork by Caroline Devereaux.  Illustration, commissioned art, comics and sketches from an artist in Baltimore, Maryland.


Cat and Milk Studio news, and anecdotes from artist, Caroline Devereaux. Illustrations in progress and sales and discounts on commission portraits are posted here. 

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Hello World!

Caroline Devereaux


I launched this new website to kick-start my new full-time profession. My wonderfully-supportive husband-to-be agreed that I could leave traditional work in order to establish a business doing something I love: making art. In exchange, I promised I'd learn how to cook.  Although I have been doing art my entire life, and taking commissions for nearly 10 years, art has always been relegated to a mental back-burner; a pastime that would never actually pay the bills. Now, you can read along as I put that theory (and myself) to the test.

This is only my 3rd 'official' day as a freelance artist/homemaker/wedding planner/home remodeler but I'd like to report that so far, things are pretty darn great.  

What's this blog for?

In short: comes with blogging capabilities, so I thought, "I better start a blog to get my money's worth."  I have high hopes for blogging about the new discoveries I am making in any of the areas listed above as part of my newly-acquired profession. 

ARTIST - I've been a Wordpress gal for quite some time, but since this service touts itself for displaying portfolios, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  My initial reactions were: "Dang! that's expensive!" but I splashed out because it has lots of built-in applications like e-commerce and invoicing. Also, I'd heard a lot people talk about how easy it is.  Reactions that came later: I'm not really too crazy about the layout function of content editor, or the fact that my image files aren't stored in a handy online library. On the plus side:  I started this blog.

I used a Magic Eraser for the first time on a staircase railing that had turned brown and gummy from finger-grease.  It worked really well!  So well, in fact, that I only cleaned half the railing so everyone could admire the difference. 

Surfed the web and decided that a good first step would be to make more money...


Let's focus on relocating the cat hair tumble-weeds before moving on to bigger projects.

Let's focus on relocating the cat hair tumble-weeds before moving on to bigger projects.