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Baltimore, MD

Cat and Milk Studio: artwork by Caroline Devereaux.  Illustration, commissioned art, comics and sketches from an artist in Baltimore, Maryland.


Cat and Milk Studio news, and anecdotes from artist, Caroline Devereaux. Illustrations in progress and sales and discounts on commission portraits are posted here. 

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Be social without ever leaving the house.

Caroline Devereaux

The last two weeks I've been setting up and tending to new social media accounts.  It's not my favorite part of the job, but hopefully my efforts will bring in new clients and professional contacts. Cat and Milk Studio now enjoys a presence on facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and instagram. Phew! 

I've also signed up for Thumbtack , and I'm in the process of establishing an Etsy shop.  The more the merrier. 

Sittin' on the radiator box

Sittin' on the radiator box

Peppering the internet's communication platforms is one half of a two-pronged marketing strategy. Attracting clients through in-person networking, local art shows, and creating more word-of-mouth buzz is next on the agenda, but in reality, warmer weather and longer daylight hours will facilitate all the fun face-to-face stuff! For now, I've invested in a FitDesk (thanks, craigslist Eric!) and leave virtual business cards.

While social media notifications are buzzing away every 3 minutes, I've also been finishing walls the living room in time for a bookshelf-building "party" on January 30. Wedding plans are becoming more animated: the quest for a pizza-caterer for 120 people is a momentary diversion from the paper-flower construction. To facilitate a friend's music project, I am also is search of a drummer -- a rarity in Baltimore. The neighborhood rats and I are battling for possession of the chicken coop, it is still anyone's guess as to who will win the war!

Living high on the hog, these rats! 

Living high on the hog, these rats! 

Pet Portrait Give-Away

Caroline Devereaux

FOLLOW or MENTION me on Twitter @catandmilk before February 1, 2015, and you could win a free 5x7" custom pet portrait! Helping me get the word out about Cat and Milk Studio DOES have its benefits (for at east one person...besides me...).

I'll be choosing one lucky winner out of the known Twitterverse to receive a small sketch or watercolor piece of their own pet.  Anyone that shows up in my notification feed between now and Feb 1 is in the running.  S/he will be notified on Feb 2 through Twitter and will have the opportunity to contact me with their chosen photo to be turned into a handmade work of art. (Winner must contact me within 5 days to claim their prize.)

Included in your piece is: a high-resolution .JPG file of your pet, and the option to have the original piece mailed to you, for just the price of shipping and handling!

Happy Tweeting and thanks for visiting!


Christmas Card 2014

Caroline Devereaux

For several years, my parents have commissioned me to make a Christmas card for them.  You can check out some from the past years'  below.  

The cards are more than just seasonal greetings-- they are also keepsakes that commemorate special events for our family.  This year, my brother and sister-in-law are awaiting the completion of their new house, represented by the domestic scene in the background. I chose to keep the front door closed because their new house has yet to be revealed!

Additionally, this year my dad announced his retirement, and I left a traditional job in favor of starting my own business. These lifestyle changes involve a lot more freedom and uncertainty, illustrated by the porch and the frolicking dog. The porch's muted colors and strict linear qualities are predictable and tightly structured, whereas the dog seems to dance with wild abandon in a space that is without much form at all, a sort of "blank canvas."

The idea for this visual metaphor came from David Hockney's painting, "A Bigger Splash," which creates similar tension between geometry and movement. 



easy to spell dot com

Caroline Devereaux

From the archives: an illustration used promote my old DIY showspace in Baltimore, "The Cat and Milk." 

Armed with a large cup of coffee from The Daily Grind, I parked myself on a bench in Fells Point to brainstorm a good name for my art/illustration business. Many artists use their own name, which is all well and good and classy,  but my own vowel-besotted last name may be too difficult to spell/remember. For branding and marketing reasons, a domain name and Etsy store should be memorable and easy to spell.

For easy business recognition, I tried to work things like pen, paper, pets into the name.  I also wrote down a list of things I like:  cats, history, Hawaii and anything associated with it... This list quickly spiraled out of control into stuff I couldn't use in a [good] business name: napsthe Battle of Stalingrad, elastic waistbands... 

Other people have already claimed a lot of the names I jotted down:
Point Well Taken 

Little island
Paper teapot
Paper Pineapple
Drawn from memory
Heirloom Images

Parrotfish:  Look at that smile. Who wouldn't want this dude on their business card? I want to call him right now!

Parrotfish:  Look at that smile. Who wouldn't want this dude on their business card? I want to call him right now!

And there were some that were still available. 
-- Cat on a bicycle
-- Cozy attic studio
-- Workbench designs
-- Captured by Caroline -- this one was a suggestion! 
-- paper coral
-- pen and pineapple
-- the parrotfish papers
-- penandparrotfish
-- cat and milk 
-- cat on the page
-- pets by hand
-- presentable pets
-- smalltimore studio
-- better cats

-- finer point pets
-- quiet still life
-- cat on a branch
-- tawny cat
-- suitcase still life
-- suitcase sketches
-- box of pencils

By the time I'd finished by coffee, the lunch-rush was beginning to gather on Thames Street. I still hadn't come up with a sure-fire name for this new business endeavor. So, to be continued, I suppose.


Moose the Cat

Caroline Devereaux

It is only my third week of self-employment, but already I am scrambling to put together a blog post to meet my once-per-week goal.

We have a beautiful old bureau in our living room that serves as an art-project purgatory. One of my big accomplishments this week was organizing said dresser and pulling out all the art work that, until recently, I felt I didn't have time to finish.

Like this portrait of a cat.  I finished it this afternoon, but it was started over a year ago as part of a barter.

Last year, my partner came across a suspiciously inexpensive Egon Schiele painting for auction on ebay.  Expecting nothing more than a larf, he bid on the thing just before bed.  In the morning, we discovered that we'd just acquired a beautiful 'original' Schiele for $65 + shipping. 

Whether or not this piece is really the handiwork of one of my all-time-favorite artists, I can not say. On the one hand, the signature is spot-on, and I think that the subject looks a lot like the artist's wife, Edith. On the other cost $65. Whatever it's origins, we really love owning this gorgeous piece, and it means a lot to us as one of the first pieces of art we collected together. 

We asked our friend who works at a framing shop if she could dress up our new acquisition. We wanted to spare no expense: archival everything; wood frame...the works. In exchange for the fabulous job she did, I drew a portrait of her dearly departed cat, Moose. 

I had spent several evenings in Moose's genial company.  I knew her to be a very serene old broad, and-- even more than most cats-- a connoisseur of fine sunshine. I wanted to convey her tranquility and recreate the contented expression that we loved about her.