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Baltimore, MD

Cat and Milk Studio: artwork by Caroline Devereaux.  Illustration, commissioned art, comics and sketches from an artist in Baltimore, Maryland.

Living Wills and Other Necessities for Cleaning the Tub.


Cat and Milk Studio news, and anecdotes from artist, Caroline Devereaux. Illustrations in progress and sales and discounts on commission portraits are posted here. 

Living Wills and Other Necessities for Cleaning the Tub.

Caroline Devereaux

Like many folks living with depression and anxiety, I spend an inordinate amount of time wondering if I am about to die. 

As I was cleaning the bathroom today, of course I considered the possibility that I might die.  Dying as a result of slipping in a wet tub would be a terrible way to go - mainly because of the humiliation factor. If this DOES ever happen to me, I'd like my epitaph to read: 

"Caroline died the way she lived: not quite finishing stuff." 


This sketch is my first attempt at drawing with a stylius on a tablet computer.  I'm experiencing quite a bit of hand-fatigue since I couldn't rest my hand on the touch-screen.  Other than that, I'm pretty happy about the purchase of a lower-end stylus from Adonit - the JOT MINI is easy to use, well made, and has a nice weight to it. It's worth noting that the pen must be held upright in order to make a mark, so if you are pen-leaner, this might not be the fake pen for you.