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Baltimore, MD

Cat and Milk Studio: artwork by Caroline Devereaux.  Illustration, commissioned art, comics and sketches from an artist in Baltimore, Maryland.


Cat and Milk Studio news, and anecdotes from artist, Caroline Devereaux. Illustrations in progress and sales and discounts on commission portraits are posted here. 

Christmas Card 2014

Caroline Devereaux

For several years, my parents have commissioned me to make a Christmas card for them.  You can check out some from the past years'  below.  

The cards are more than just seasonal greetings-- they are also keepsakes that commemorate special events for our family.  This year, my brother and sister-in-law are awaiting the completion of their new house, represented by the domestic scene in the background. I chose to keep the front door closed because their new house has yet to be revealed!

Additionally, this year my dad announced his retirement, and I left a traditional job in favor of starting my own business. These lifestyle changes involve a lot more freedom and uncertainty, illustrated by the porch and the frolicking dog. The porch's muted colors and strict linear qualities are predictable and tightly structured, whereas the dog seems to dance with wild abandon in a space that is without much form at all, a sort of "blank canvas."

The idea for this visual metaphor came from David Hockney's painting, "A Bigger Splash," which creates similar tension between geometry and movement.